Good Guys Point Out Bad Flouride

This is from OUR watch-dogs in our capitols - The Alliance for Natural Health is a great resource for information, AND, they make it easy for our congressmen & women to hear from us! Their news letter is free and is loaded with very good...

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Ladies and Reducing Alzheimer’s Risk

From Dr. Frank Shallenberger's Letter Vol 14 Issue 20 Why Women Have a Higher Risk of Developing Alzheimer's "Studies have shown that women who restore their post menopausal hormone levels to those typical of premenopausal women are 60% less...

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The New Mafia

Peter Gotzsche, MD is one of the founders of the Cochrane Collaboration - the world's largest independent analyzer of healthcare information. Per Dr. Gotzsche: "I investigatred the 10 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world and found out...

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Before Discussing Vaccines…

Dr. Jonathan Wright is one of the leading giants ion Integrative Medicine.  He has been at it since 1973 in Tahoma, WA.  His news letters almost always contain useful, clinical information. Through one of our greatest supporters and educators,...

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Testosterone and Men and Safety Questions

Some men & women have concerns about the safety of boosting men's testosterone levels when it is medically legitimate to so do! JAMA Internal Medicine recently published 2 articles in their April 2017 Vol 177, No 4, and the titles and conclusions...

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The IASIS Machine & Dr. Shallenberger’s Newsletter

This is an exciting follow up about the IASIS machine!  And this is info that is relayed from Dr. Shallenberger's newsletter. The VA set up a pilot study looking at 6 veterans suffering from TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) / PTSD (Post Traumatic...

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a peaceful brain? We are hosting a seminar about the IASIS Neural Stimulation therapy we have introduced to our practice and patients.  This will be Tuesday, October 18 from  6 pm to 7 pm here at our office 4085 Cloud Springs Road off the...

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Why Vitamin C?

Why is it that dogs and cows and birds RARELY get heart attacks, BUT, heart attacks are common in us humans?  It our most probable cause of death!  But in the rest of the animal kingdom, heart attacks are RARE.  Hmmmm.......... Well, except...

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Announcement – September 2015

This space will be for sharing articles & information of interest with you! We will also announce dates & times of seminars of interest to you and your health! Charles C. Adams, MD 

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