Integrative Medicine for You & Your Family

Ozone, IV Therapies, HBOT, Bio-Identical Hormones, PEMF.........

Benefits of Membership in Personal Integrative Medicine

The Top 10:

  • Unlimited number of appointments
  • Same day or next day appointments
  • All appointments ½ or 1 hour per request – longer appointments by prior arrangement
  • Access or follow up with me via cell phone, text message, or e-mail – with Boundary Respect
  • Markedly reduced prices for the Integrative Therapies we offer (see attached)
  • Annual Physical – including pelvic, breast, prostate, rectal exam (per your preference)
  • Annual Labs: CBC, CMP, 25(OH)-D, TSH, T-4, Total Testosterone, Estradiol, FSH/LH, Ferritin, Urinalysis, Cholesterol
  • EKG, Pulse Wave Analysis of Vascular Elasticity, Doppler Ankle-Brachial Index
  • Additional labs / Specialty Labs at our cost + 10%
  • You meet with and have access to your Doctor who has training & skills in the areas of Integrative and Traditional Medicine and knows you and your history.

Membership Pricing

From January 1 through July 31, 2017




Monthly Draft Pre-payment $125 $115
Per Year $1500 $1380
Quarterly Draft $366 $336
Semi-Annual Draft $713 $656
Annual Pre-payment $1350 $1242


  • First two children at $30 per child/month
  • Children 3 and 4 at $20 per child/month 
    • Each additional child is $20/month (up to age 21)
Fees may be adjusted at annual renewal anniversary.