Services & Pricing

For more details on our procedures, treatments, and therapies:

General Services

FeesPIM MemberNon-member
PhysicalIncluded1st visit – $1000
Office VisitIncluded2nd visit – $600
Basic LabIncludedInsurance Pricing – you pay us
Other LabsDiscountedInsurance Pricing – you pay us
Lab Draw$5$15
Wart Freeze$10$25
Simple Suture$45$105
In-Office Nebulizer$35$50
Port Flush$15$30
Hormone Pellet Implant$100$200

Specific Treatments and Therapies

FeesPIM MemberNon-member
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)$20 / 50min$75 / 50min
Pulsed E-Mag Freq Therapy (PEMF)$10 / 30min$30 / 30min
IASIS Treatment$95$125
Ozone Joint / Subcu Injection$60$150
Ozone / PRP Joint Injection$100$205
Ozone Saline IV$125$180
EDTA Chelation 3 hr. (+ Ox TX)$65 + $10$150 + $35
EDTA Chelation 1.5 hr.$60$135
EDTA Chelation push$50$130
Major Auto-Heme Therapy (MAH)$70$160
Ultra-Violet Blood Irradiation (UVBI)$75$200
Vitamin C IV (25 – 50g)$125$180
Vitamin C IV (75g)$175$245
Vitamin C IV (100g)$225$305
H202 Nebulizer (Mask)$20$40
Oxidative Therapy IV$35$100
Vit C + Ox Tx IV$140$220
Meyer's Magic$60$135
Magnesium IV$50$125
Glutathione IV$65$145
Sinus Cocktail$20$45
Vitamin & Mineral IV$125$160
Macular Degeneration IV$95$170
Alpha Lipoic Acid IV$100$175
B-12 IV$150$225
Rocephin IV$125$180
DMPS IV$75$100
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