Why is it that dogs and cows and birds RARELY get heart attacks, BUT, heart attacks are common in us humans?  It our most probable cause of death!  But in the rest of the animal kingdom, heart attacks are RARE.  Hmmmm……….

Well, except fot the fruit bat, the guinea pig, a few monkeys, and the human being, ALL the other animals make their own Vitamin C!  WE DON'T!

If animals can get food, they make their own Vitamin C  –> 7-24.

We humans do not have the enzyme needed for us to do this.

Blockages or plaque only occur on Vitamin C deficient portions of blood vessels.

How much Vitamin C does YOUR body need?

Start at 1000 mg am & pm.  Each week, increase your dose by 1000 am & pm – 1000mg twice daily –> next week,  2000 mg twice daily –> next week, 3000 mg twice daily –> next week 4000 mg……   You keep going up until you get the crampy stomach or loose stools and thern you back down below that dose.

If animals get stressed, sick, injured, or pregnant, they increase their production of Vitamin C.  We humans should increase out intake  of Vitamin given similiar circumstances.

Ladies!  Pregnancy increases your needs for more Vitamin C.  And, since our bodies need Vitamin C to hold us together (by making collagen), if you have an adequate intake of Vitamin C, odds are you won't get the "stretch marks" of pregnancy!

Last but NOT least, Vitamin C is also known as "The Ultimate Antidote".  It goes a long way towards neutralizing a lot of our environmental toxins.

Vitamin C – TAKE IT! TWICE A DAY! 

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