Dr. Jonathan Wright is one of the leading giants ion Integrative Medicine.  He has been at it since 1973 in Tahoma, WA.  His news letters almost always contain useful, clinical information.

Through one of our greatest supporters and educators, ANH-USA  ( the Alliance for Natural Health ), he publishes a news letter, Green Medicine.

In reading his most recent news letter, the other side of the "official" vaccination story, I get the feeling we are gettiong ready to see a scene reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz scene when the curtain gets jerked open and we get to really see the great and powerful OZ!

He brings to our attention a book written by Neil Z. Miller, a medical research journalist, Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies: 400 Important Scientifioc Papers Summarized for Parents and Researchers.

A couple of examples:

#2. Infants who receive the most vaccines have the worst hospita;lization anmd deatrh rates.

#62. Annual vaccination against common strains of influenza reduces protective immunity against more dangerous strains of the disease.

#169. Measles and mumps infections in childhood protect against deadly heart attacks and strokes during adulthood.

#207. The hepatitis B vaccine triples your risk of developing multiple sclerosis.

#337. Measles infections can reverse cancer; the measles virus may be used as treatment against human cancers.

If someone is 100% "all in" for vaccines, suggest they watch the movie, Vaxxed, and read the above book!

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