We are hosting a seminar about the IASIS Neural Stimulation therapy we have introduced to our practice and patients.  This will be Tuesday, October 18 from  6 pm to 7 pm here at our office 4085 Cloud Springs Road off the "Costco" exit # 353 in the Gateway Mall about 200 yards from the exit.

The VA has jumped all over this for our vets with TBI and PTSD. {Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder}

The VA is about to release a pilot study they have been doing with their results.  This therapy is the most effective therapy they have used for our veterans.

Alot of doctors don't realize one does NOT have to be a veteran to experience TBI and/or PTSD.

The car wreck or the sports' "bell rung", or any blow to the head can result in TBI.

The bad marriage, abusive relationship, bad lawsuit, bad business deal can result in the PTSD.

We are very grateful for IASIS Therapy as we have had two high school students who had one concussion too many and went from being "A" students to failing out of school.  After IASIS treatments, they are back to being "A" students.

Likewise, we have been able to help folks feel less depressed and get off their meds.

So, if you, or someone you know might benefit from having a "peaceful brain", come to the seminar Tuesday, October 18 from 6 to 7 pm at our office here at 4085 Cloud Springs Road, Exit # 353 – the "Costco" exit.  We are in the Gateway Mall.

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