Some men & women have concerns about the safety of boosting men's testosterone levels when it is medically legitimate to so do!

JAMA Internal Medicine recently published 2 articles in their April 2017 Vol 177, No 4, and the titles and conclusions are presented below.

Association of Testosterone Replacement With Cardiovascular Outcomes Among Men With Androgen Deficiency

Conclusion and Relevance:  Among men with androgen deficiency, dispensed prescriptions were associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular outcomes over a median follow-up of 3-4 years.


Effect of Testosterone Treatment on Volumetric Bone Density and Strength in Older Men With Low Testosterone – A controlled clinical trial

Conclusion and Relevance: Testosterone treratment for 1 year of older men with low testosterone significantly increased vBMD (volumetric bone mineral density) and estimated bone strength, more trabecular than peripheral bone and more in spine than hip.  A larger, longer trial could determine whether this treatment also reduces fracture risk.


My comment:

Under the care of a physician who is trained, skilled, and experienced in BHRT – Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for men & women is safe, effective, and leads to an improved quality of life.

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