Zinc is a metal, and it is an especially important “micro-nutrient” to us human beings! Zinc is second only to Iron as the most abundant trace mineral in the body. By now, most are aware that it is one of the “Three Musketeers”, C, D, and Z, of viral illness...

Let’s Iron It Out

Iron is particularly important to our body, our brain, our energy, and our overall well-being! BUT! If iron is too low or too high, our body, brain, energy, and overall well-being can and will suffer! So, we need our body iron to be just right! Also, the iron levels...

Vitamin D is your VERY good friend!

Here in October, the Summer sun begins to lose its potency, and it is a challenge to get out on a bathing siut! Accordingly, the Vitamin D level from sun exposure begins to drop. The only way to know if you have adequate levels of Vitamin D in your body is to get a...
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