• Wouldn't it be nice to have a peaceful brain?

    www.iasistech.comWe are hosting a seminar about the IASIS Neural Stimulation therapy we have introduced to our practice and patients.  This will be Tuesday, October 18 from  6 pm to 7 pm here at our office 4085 Cloud Springs Road off the "Costco" exit # 353 in the Gateway Mall about 200 yards from the exit.The VA has jumped all over this for our vets with TBI and PTSD. {Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder}The VA is about to release a pilot study they hav...  Continue Reading »

  • Why Vitamin C?

    Why is it that dogs and cows and birds RARELY get heart attacks, BUT, heart attacks are common in us humans?  It our most probable cause of death!  But in the rest of the animal kingdom, heart attacks are RARE.   Continue Reading »

  • Announcement - September 2015

    This space will be for sharing articles & information of interest with you! We will also announce dates & times of seminars of interest to you and your health! Charles C.   Continue Reading »

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