If you are contemplating having a foreign part placed in your body – as in, a knee replaced, a dental implant, breast implants – I encourage you to check with Clifford Consulting and Research in Colorado Springs.  www.ccrlab.com

The report from Clifford Consulting will improve your odds of a good, fast, uncomplicated recovery from surgery because the foreign part is more likely to be compatable with your body.

The cost of the test is in the neighborhood of about $300.00.  To reduce the risk of a “bad outcome” from surgery and increase the odds of a good outcome,  three hundred bucks is a bargain.

What we are discussing here is reducing the risk / odds that your body will react or try to reject to the newly placed part. 

The surgeons have been “marketeered” by the parts salesmen that the foriegn parts are “inert” and therefore completely safe.  

Heads up, boys, any time you put a metal in water, there will be some corosion.  If a part is high in Nickel, and you have a Nickel allergy, odds are your body is not going to throw out the welcome mat for the new neighbor.  The body is  going to try to throw out the new, unwelcomed guest. 

So, reduce your risks and improve the odds of a good surgical outcome.

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