Dr. Charles Adams recently appeared on Vital Health Radio. Ed Jones, the owner of Nutrition World, and Dr. Christopher Green, board certified medical doctor, host the weekly radio show. They discuss health, wellness, lifestyle nutrition, and healthy living every Sunday morning on 98.1 The Lake.

Dr. Adams and the hosts discussed Vitamin C, a brief history of using it to medicinally, and recommendations on Vitamin C supplements. Here are their thoughts:

Vitamin C has been used to treat and cure epidemics and infections for 70+ years. In the late 1930s, Albert Szent-Gyorgi figured out the structure of Vitamin C, and Dr. Frederick Klenner became the grandfather of Vitamin C. Dr. Klenner documented curing 60 cases of polio with intravenous vitamin C in 1948.

The vast majority of animals—with the exception of guinea pigs, fruit bats, a few monkeys, and human beings—make their own Vitamin C. Humans are only one enzyme short of being able to produce Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is vital for the body to make collagen. Collagen is the body’s rebar; it is SO vital. For example, the stress of pregnancy increases the body’s demand for Vitamin C by 5 times. If a pregnant woman was taking 1000 mg twice a day before pregnancy, she will need about 5000 mg twice a day during pregnancy. Taking 5 times more Vitamin C during pregnancy will allow her body to make enough collagen that she won’t end up with stretch marks.

They recommend that everyone take a Vitamin C supplement twice a day. Start with 1000 milligrams the first week, increasing each week by 1000 milligrams until bowel intolerance. This means progressing until you get a “rumbly gut” or loose stools, then revert back to the next lower dose you tolerated and stay there. Bowel tolerance serves as a guide to how much Vitamin C your body needs. More stress means the body needs more Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is your body’s viable defense mechanism. It can be used to treat something as simple as a cough, cold or flu, to something as serious as sepsis.

Listen to the radio show and learn more about what Vitamin C can do for you.

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