• Statins ?

    Dr. Russell Blaylock is a now retired neurosurgeon who miraculously opened his sharp eyes to information and scientific data that was and is not a part of the main stream dogma.  His health letter, The Blaylock Wellness Report, is always a treasure trove of info and insight!A  Q & A from his recent letter is presented below:"Q: I am a healthy 61 year old man.   Continue Reading »

  • Vitamin D Quickie and Testing

    The awakening of our awareness to the importance of Vitamin D is one of the biggest "medical discoveries" of my brief medical career - right up there with Ozone, StemCells, Genomics, and our Microbiome.If you got a bathing suit quality tan yesterday - back, chest, belly, thighs, arms, legs - then you don't need Vitamin D today.Women with low Vitamin D seem to have a 5 X increased risk of breast cancer.Men with low D seem to double their risk of prostate cancer.If your Vit D level i...  Continue Reading »

  • Good Guys point out Bad Flouride

    This is from OUR watch-dogs in our capitols - anh-usa.orgThe Alliance for Natural Health is a great resource for information, AND, they make it easy for our congressmen & women to hear from us!Their news letter is free and is loaded with very good info!The Pulse of Natural Health NewsletterStay informed about what is hot in Washington and the states about natural healthEPA Ignores Fluoride WarningsBY ANH-USA ON APRIL 7, 2017STOP POISONING OURSELVESWhen presented with evidence that fluoride i...  Continue Reading »

  • Ladies and Reducing Alzhiemer's Risk

    From Dr. Frank Shallenberger's Letter Vol 14 Issue 20Why Women Have a Higher Risk of Developing Alzheimer's"Studies have shown that women who restore their post menopausal hormone levels to those typical of premenopausal women are 60% less likely to get Alzheimer's."   Continue Reading »

  • The New Mafia?

    Peter Gotzsche, MD is one of the founders of the Cochrane Collaboration - the world's largest independent analyzer of healthcare information.Per Dr. Gotzsche: "I investigatred the 10 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world and found out that their business model fulfills all the criteria for organized crime according to US norm.The business model of the pharmaceutical industry is organized crime, but, they steal far more money and kill far more people than the mob can ever do.&quo...  Continue Reading »

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