• Possible help for the flu and / or allergies?

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  • Osteoporsis Prevention & Treatment & Consequences

    15 years ago, we had a different set of bones in our body!  Our bones are not "rocks" that just sit there.  The bones are constantly being remodeled as our bone cells are always working on our bones.   Continue Reading »

  • Foreign Parts

    Foreign PartsIf you are contemplating having a foriegn part placed in your body - as in, a knee replaced, a dental implant, breast implants - I encourage you to check with Clifford Consulting and Research in Colorado Springs.  www.ccrlab.comThe report from Clifford Consulting will improve your odds of a good, fast, uncomplicated recovery from surgery because the foreign part is more likely to be compatable with your body.The cost of the test is in the neighborhood of about $300.00.  To...  Continue Reading »

  • Silver

    Silver has been used by man as far back as the ancient cultures of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Phoenicia.Around 400 BC, Hippocrates, the "father of medicine", taught that Silver supports the healing process.During the Middle Ages, upper class Europeans gave Silver spoons as christening presents to help the newborn ward off illness.  This is where the phrase "born with a silver spoon" came from!In the wild west days, the cowboys and wranglers would keep a Silver coin in their ca...  Continue Reading »

  • Reset your brain???

    I believe I have written about an amazing tool we use in our practice, the IASIS machine.The website is: is also known as trans-cranial alternating current stimulation.Very briefly, it gently stimulates the brain to "re-boot" or "re-wire" itself back to calm & normal.I have had 2 10th grade boys who had 1 concussion too many and each went from being an "A" student to an "F" student.  After a few sessions with I...  Continue Reading »

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