• Reset your brain???

    I believe I have written about an amazing tool we use in our practice, the IASIS machine.The website is: is also known as trans-cranial alternating current stimulation.Very briefly, it gently stimulates the brain to "re-boot" or "re-wire" itself back to calm & normal.I have had 2 10th grade boys who had 1 concussion too many and each went from being an "A" student to an "F" student.  After a few sessions with I...  Continue Reading »

  • Breast Cancer - Prevention?

    Breast CancerI happened to run in to a Doctor buddy of mine this past weekend who shared with me some interesting info about Lavender Oil.  There is a compound in Lavender Oil, Perillyl Alcohol, that acts as chemotherapy on around 80% of breast cancers.  Rumor has it that some ladies use the Lavender Oil topically to the breast to prevent breast cancers.Another preventive measure is to take enough Vitamin D to get your 25-(OH)-D blood level to somewhere between 60 and 100 ng/ml.   Continue Reading »

  • Vitamin D Guidlines

    #1) If you got a BATHING SUIT quality tan yesterday, then you don't need to take Vitamin D today.This means: 30 minutes of exposure between 10 am & 2 pm wearing  --> Ladies - 2  a piece suit                  Boys - this means trunksNO SUNSCREEN during this 30 minute exposure.Remember - Sunburn = BAD  Sun TAN = GOOD#2) Take enough Vitamin D daily to get your blood level between 50 and 100 ng/ml.MOST adults can safely star...  Continue Reading »

  • Chelation and Diabetics

    TACT stands for: the Trial to Assess Chelation TherapyTACT 1 was from 2002 through 2011.  It was THE official double-blinded-randomzed-placebo-controlled-trial that proved:1) Chelation Therapy is SAFE2) Chelation Therapy is EFFECTIVE  -> It reduced cardiac events in diabetics by approximately 40%.  <---  BTW,  that is HUGE!!!!!   Continue Reading »

  • Hyper Baric Oxygen Therapy and Stroke

      Continue Reading »

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