As one of the Integrative Societies sez: "Show me the science!"  And this remark is especially true with regards to vaccines –> Show me the science, PLEASE!

A wonderful source for vaccine info is:  The National Vaccine Information Center.

A new book has been published: Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies: 400 Important Scientific Papers Summarized for Parents and Researchers.   For example:

Paper # 2: Infants who recieve the most vaccines have the worst hospitalizations and death rates.

Paper # 169: Measles and mumps infections in childhood protect against deadly heart attacks and strokes during adulthood.

Paper # 207: The hepatitis B vaccines triple the risk of developing multiple sclerosis

Another interesting resource is JFK, Jr on TV with Tucker Carlson April 21, 2017

The link is: 

One question: What would you do if you could not be arrested, brought to trial, or forced to pay for causing harm and suffering?  Check out the above!

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