Silver has been used by man as far back as the ancient cultures of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Phoenicia.

Around 400 BC, Hippocrates, the "father of medicine", taught that Silver supports the healing process.

During the Middle Ages, upper class Europeans gave Silver spoons as christening presents to help the newborn ward off illness.  This is where the phrase "born with a silver spoon" came from!

In the wild west days, the cowboys and wranglers would keep a Silver coin in their canteen to lower the bacteria and parasites in the water.

Viet Nam brought about the forgotten use of Silver cream applied to battlefield wounds to prevent infections and to speed healing.

NASA uses Silver to purify water in the space shuttle as well as the in the international space system.

The folks at Argentyn 23 have "upped the game" with their Silver products.  The "23" in their name comes from the concentration of Silver which is 23 parts per million (ppm).  The other ingredient in the solution is highly purified water.  A unique feature of the Argentyn 23 is that the Silver particles are very small, thus making them more bio-available.  {The experience is that using a colloidal Silver with a higher ppm does NOT lead to superior results!}

A favorite usage for Silver is their nasal mist spray – as in the first thing I do as I take a seat in an airplane!

It is also the first thing I grab for when feeling a cough,cold, or flu starting to come on.

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