If you or someone you know has MS of the Chronic Progressive type, it seems as if they may benefit from "high doses" of biotin.  According to one study 91.2% of patients responded clinically to high doses of Biotin.

First of all, a WARNING!  "In all cases improvement was delayed from 2 to 8 months following treatment onset." <– Ergo, this is NOT a "quickie fix!"

One dosing regimen is 5 – 10 mg/kg/day combined with a standard dose of thiamine.  The folks in one of the studies took anywhere from 100 to 600 mg of Biotin daily.

The biotin dose is divided in to 3 doses daily.  {Do NOT take it all at once!}

It is thought that the Biotin activates enzymes involved in energy production and repairing the "coating" or "insulation" (the myelin) around the nerves.

First, google Biotion and Multiple Sclerosis and see what you think!

Then, get some Biotin from your local, independent health food store.

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