Reset your brain???

Reset your brain???

I believe I have written about an amazing tool we use in our practice, the IASIS machine.

The website is:

It is also known as trans-cranial alternating current stimulation.

Very briefly, it gently stimulates the brain to "re-boot" or "re-wire" itself back to calm & normal.

I have had 2 10th grade boys who had 1 concussion too many and each went from being an "A" student to an "F" student.  After a few sessions with IASIS, both are back to "A" students.

Here's the new & exciting news, the VA in San Diego is about to start a study to treat vets with PTSD / TBI using the IASIS.  {Post Traumatic Stress Disorder / Traumatic Brain Injury}

What got this started was a pilot study that was just published online in the Brain Injury Journal.  You can read the summary:

IASIS can be used for much more than just PTSD & TBI !  Depression, insomnia, anxiety....